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Two Weeks In

Doesn’t time fly by so quickly when you’re having fun and learning? Another week has gone by and I am starting to get into the flow of things.

Last week, I started on my first substantial feature - displaying a “popular results” box on the search results page when users search for broad topics. To start off, we’ll be displaying this box when anyone searches for “education”, surfacing the most popular relevant pages. We’re starting with education to beta test a load of new features to do with taxonomies and tagging of content. Once this has been validated, we’ll expand to other areas. I paired with a fellow developer and a senior developer (three people in a pair, I know!) to work on this, which will soon be ready for beta testing. It feels great to know that very soon, I’ll have made my first mark on GOV.UK and improved the service in my little way!

I have also spent some time thinking about career planning, and filled out the first personal goals document for a long time. From my initial understanding, the career path at GDS for technologists is a lot more defined then I saw at my previous “large company”, which can only be a good thing. This allows me to plan how I’m going to improve, both at my job and as a person, with a lot more confidence that the opportunities for moving up are open and available to me. This is something I didn’t get before and is one of the things that contributed to me leaving my first job.

My next challenge is to get a much deeper understanding of the variety of teams and roles in GDS - there are so many people I see on a daily basis who I’d love to sit down with and quiz about their jobs and how it all fits together.

All in all, two weeks in, I feel very happy about my move to GDS, what I’ve done so far and the possible opportunities for the future. Now it’s just up to me to grab these opportunities and make the most of what’s available. Here we go!