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I Did This

Before I know it, it’s the end of three weeks in my new job and I’m starting to understand how all the bits fit together.

As it happens, the functionality I was working on last week was paused after a review, since we decided that we needed more data about the user need we were trying to fulfil. Although it means that a relatively substantial new piece of functionality that I was working on won’t be getting deployed any time soon, this is actually one of the positives of working at GDS - nothing is deployed simply because it looks good or we think it’s a cool developer exercise. There has to be a valid user need that is being addressed.

I did, however, take a look at another request that had come in. RAIB had asked us to provide a new category on their reports page that they could use to tag a new type of document they’re now producing - the “safety digest”.

Pairing with another developer for guidance as to which repositories required changes, I made the required changes and created some pull requests. The changes will be going live on Monday. It’s a small tweak, but something that was very well received by RAIB. It’s also a great feeling to have as a developer, when a change you’ve made appears on the website and gets used. I can point to a new tick box on the site and say: “I did that”.

RAIB report types