Ruben Arakelyan

Hi, I'm Ruben Arakelyan, a Cornwall-based full-stack web developer and technical leader. Find out more about me, about this site or about my PC setup.

I also write longform articles.

Life As A Lead Developer

26 March 2019

In November 2018, I became one of two lead developers on GOV.UK. Coming from being a mid-level and then senior developer, the step up to becoming a lead is a large one where a lot of attributes of being a developer change and one suddenly has a lot more autonomy over many parts of the role.

Keeping Up With The Times

5 November 2018

There are a lot of services and infrastructure behind GOV.UK. Serving millions of requests on a regular basis requires a whole set of supporting services, as well as a team to look after it all and make sure it performs to its best.

Keeping the Platform Healthy

18 September 2018

GOV.UK is a large site. With dozens of apps, hundreds of publishers, tens of thousands of pages and millions of visitors, it’s no mean feat to keep it up, running and always improving.

Thoughts on Responsible Building

26 August 2017

In my last blog post, I wrote about the new 11-week mission structure that we are working on for all GOV.UK projects. A large part of this new structure is delivering new and improved functionality without creating large amounts of technical debt. We’ve already spent a long time trying to clear up existing technical debt without creating more of it.